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Below are links to current articles in newspapers, journals, websites, etc. that have news of direct interest to the CHAMP. Older articles will be archived after three months. There is a separate archive for the news from the 2011 Egyptian Uprising. Very¬† important news about job announcements, various organizations, contact information, emergencies, and about how CHAMP members can impact heritage are provided in the separate News section titled “Special Announcements.” ****************************************************************************

Overcoming Looting and Years of Destruction, Iraq Museum Gets Ready to Reopen” (12 Apr 14)

Syrian troops capture Crudader-era citadel” (20 Mar 14)

Preserving Iraq’s Cultural Heritage” (20 Mar 14) Youtube; presentation by Dr. Brian Rose

Heritage protection key in conflicts” (14 Mar 14) interview with Ben Isakhan.

Tough battle to save Mid-East heritage” (12 Mar 14) interview with Diane Siebrandt.

Leiden Researchers Robbed of Syrian Artifacts” (11 Mar 14)

Among the Wounded in Syria’s War: Ancient History” (7 Mar 14)

Fort Belvoir holds cache of art the Nazis made and a WWII U.S. Army officer tracked down” (27 Feb 14)

City collection ‘ransacked’ as Kiev erupts in violence” (19 Feb 14)

The Culture of War: Saving History” (18 Feb 14)

The Monuments Men: Lessons for the 21st Century” (18 Feb 14) Youtube video

U.S. troops saved art as the ‘Monuments Men’ of Iraq” (17 Feb 14)

National Public Radio discussion about destruction of Syrian heritage (7 Feb 14):

Syrian battle edges closer to historic Crusader castle” (29 Jan 14)

Historic Islamic Art Museum ‘Completely Destroyed’” (24 Jan 13)

Looted Iraqi museum hopes to reopen, minus many relics” (17 Jan 14)

Saving Relics, AFghans Defy the Taliban” (12 Jan 14)

Growing concern over Syria heritage sites” (26 Dec 13)

Buyer to return Hopi artefacts to Native Americans” (11 Dec 13)

Delusions in Detroit” (9 Dec 13)

Egypt’s antiquities fall victim to political chaos” (4 Dec 13)

Scholar fights to keep Jewish artifacts from returning to Iraq” (2 Dec 13)

Libya to curb antiquties smuggling” (29 Nov 13)

Destruction of antiquities ‘a loss for all eternity’” (27 Nov 13)

‘Monuments Men’ veteran predicts more Nazi-seized art will surface” (21 Nov 13)

Nazi trove in Munich contains unknown work by masters” (5 Nov)

“Egypt’s stolen heritage” (18 Oct 13)

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