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Below are links to current articles in newspapers, journals, websites, etc. that have news of direct interest to the CHAMP. Older articles will be archived after three months. There is a separate archive for the news from the 2011 Egyptian Uprising. Very¬† important news about job announcements, various organizations, contact information, emergencies, and about how CHAMP members can impact heritage are provided in the separate News section titled “Special Announcements.” ****************************************************************************

Diplomatic Malpractice: Cultural preservation grants to culture-destroying regimes” (2 Feb 15)

The best Middle East political science books of 2014 “(29 Dec 14)

Syria’s ancient sites were already damaged by war. Now they’re being looted.” (20 Dec 14)

Looters raid Jordanian cyrpts in search of gold, jewels and artifacts” (30 Oct 14)

The Black Market Battleground: Degrading and Destroying ISIS Could Take Place in the Halls of Sotheby’s, Not the Pentagon” (27 Oct 14)

Turkey’s role in Islamic State fight may hinge on ancient tomb” (1 Oct)

War has damaged all but one of Syria’s World Heritage Sites, Satellite images show” (24 Sep 14)

[Secretary of State John Kerry’s] “Remarks at the Threat to Cultural Heritage in Iraq and Syria” (22 Sep 14)

“New high-resolution satellite image analysis: 5 of 6 Syrian World Heritage sites ‘exhibit significant damage.’ (18 Sep 14)

War Is Damaging Syria’s Historical Castles and Landmarks” (19 Sep 14)

“The Islamic State sells ‘blood antiquities’ from Iraq and Syria to raise money” (14 Sep 14)

“Why save a national treasure?” (7 Sep 14)

The Plight of Iraq’s Yazidis in Ninewa Province” (1 Sep 14)

“The Islamic State isn’t just killing people. It’s destroying a culture” (22 Aug 14)

History 2.0: Civil War Journals & Historic Letters Go Digital” (13 Aug 14) Smithsonian allows public to transcribe and digitize handwritten documents in SI holdings. Mentions Monuments Men letters.

Gaza mosques fall to Israeli airstrikes, without any groundswell of outrage” (9 Aug 14)

The beautiful, historic shrines that Islamists try to destroy” (25 Jul 14)

Jihadists in Iraq Erase Cultural Heritage” (25 Jul 14)

Islamic militants destroy historic 14th century mosque in Mosul” (28 Jul 14)

Peru employs drones to search and explore pre-Incan archaeological sites” (24 Jul 14)

ISIS Destroys ‘Jonah’s Tomb’ in Mosul” (24 Jul 14)

“What can you do? Sharing Knowledge about Iraq’s vanishing cultural heritage” (20 Jul) Report of a panel hosted by Saving Antiquities for Everyone (SAFE) on 18 Jul regarding destruction of Iraqi sites by ISIS.

ISIS burns 1,800-year-old church in Mosul” (20 Jul 14)

Military Involvement in Cultural Property Property: An Overview” (Joint Forces Quarterly. Kila and Herndon. 74, 3rd Quarter 2014.)

Creating New Monuments Men” (2 Jul 14)

Iraq’s ‘Exorcist’ temple falls into ISIS jihadist hands” (25 Jun 14)

Monuments Men: A Baltimore writer learns her father helped in the search for Nazi plunder” (19 Jun 14)

Egypt’s new antiquities minister optimistic in face of obstacles” (17 Jun 19)

Egypt turns to technology in effort to protect ancient treasures from looters” (2 Jun 14)


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